Japanese Language details

As the Japanese language plays a major role in gaining basic information on the lifestyles and cultures of Japan, learning the language is one of the vital responsibilities for anybody who wishes to study in Japan.

Test Overview

The Japanese language is very easy to learn and write; basically, Hiragana, Katakana, and Khanji are the key alphabetical letters of the language. To measure the general proficiency level in Japanese, the candidates need to sit down for the Japanese Language Tests such as JLPT, NAT, or TOP-J. It is tested in the range of 0-180. All questions are asked in an objective format, and the candidate needs to choose the most correct answer from the given alternatives.

 Course Duration

3 -6 Months ,Sunday  to Friday with 2 hours everyday (tutorial and class work)

 Sunday Tests

Our Students are put into proficiency progress test  on every Sunday to consolidate their practice and gain confidence for the real exam. They not only can get their scores reported, with the instructor's comments, but also can feel that the real exam is just another test. We cater standardized paper tests as per the requirement and criteria of the real test.

 Course Start Date

Generally, new classes commence every Sunday. The students, however, can get admitted anytime and join the class at their convenience as some of the classes are rolling-on all the year round.

 Class Hours


Please, contact the office to arrange a class in your convenient time if needed.

 Materials Provided on Admission

1 Minna No Nihongo( Basic Text Book). 1. Meaning book  for basic vocabulary 

Self Access Library and Lab

The students can access to the pool of various books on their course for reference. Our Library is fully equiped with the latest books and we always make sure they have ample resource to explore during their preparation. Similarly, they can practice the tests in the lab as per their convenience.

To register for a Japanese Language test, please follow these simple steps.

The JLPT and TOP-J tests are conducted by the BishwoBhasha Campus (Tribhuvan University, Nepal) twice a year ( in July and December). on the other hand, the NAT test is held 6 times a year and is usually held in three different cities such as Pokhara, Chitwan and Kathmandu respectively.  

Once you have registered, the test centre will confirm your concerned  test date, time and venue.

On the test day, you must bring the same passport or national identity card that you entered on the Application Form.

In Nepal, basically intended test-takers register from JALTAN and MBS NAT Nepal office

 Notice: For our basic Japanese Language Students, we facilitate their date registration. Please, contact the Front Desk Service for the same.