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The CEO/Chairperson plays a pivotal role in steering the organization towards success and sustainability. Their work involves developing and executing the company's strategic vision, making critical decisions, and overseeing day-to-day operations.

As the top executive, CEOs provide inspirational leadership, setting the tone for the organization's culture and values. They engage with various stakeholders, from employees to investors, maintaining positive relationships and ensuring alignment with the company's mission. Financial oversight, risk management, and policy development are integral components of their responsibilities.

Managing Director


Managing Director

The Managing Director (MD) holds a key position in an organization, tasked with the day-to-day management and execution of the company's strategic objectives. Their work involves overseeing various departments, ensuring operational efficiency, and implementing policies to drive the organization's success.

MDs play a crucial role in decision-making, often collaborating with other executives to formulate and execute business plans. They are responsible for maintaining a positive organizational culture, fostering effective communication, and addressing operational challenges. Financial management, resource allocation, and performance monitoring are integral components of the MD's duties. 

Official Advisor


Official Advisor

The role of an official advisor is primarily focused on providing strategic guidance and expert counsel to an organization. Official advisors are seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in a specific field to assist the leadership team in making informed decisions. Their work involves offering insights and recommendations on critical matters such as business strategy, industry trends, and organizational development.

Official advisors may participate in high-level discussions, contribute to problem-solving, and offer mentorship to key executives. While they typically do not have direct operational responsibilities, their influence is valuable in shaping the organization's direction and ensuring that decisions align with best practices and industry standards.

Administrative Officer

Bhesh Bahadur Khattri (Kiran)

Branch Manager / Japanese Language Instructor

A branch manager serves as the head of a specific branch or location within a larger organization, overseeing its day-to-day operations. Their work involves managing staff, setting performance targets, and ensuring the branch meets its financial and operational objectives.

Branch managers play a crucial role in implementing company policies and procedures at the local level while maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction. They are responsible for business development, often engaging in sales and marketing activities to promote products or services and expand the branch's customer base.

Saru Dhimal

Admin Assistant

An Administrative Assistant plays a crucial role in facilitating the smooth functioning of an office or organization. Their work involves providing administrative support to executives, managers, and other staff members. Administrative assistants are responsible for tasks such as managing schedules, organizing meetings, and handling correspondence. They often handle office logistics, including maintaining office supplies, coordinating travel arrangements, and managing filing systems.

Rekha Bomjan

Admin Assistant

An administrative assistant serves as the organizational backbone, orchestrating a myriad of tasks to ensure the seamless operation of an office. Their work extends beyond traditional clerical duties, encompassing a blend of logistical coordination and strategic support. Administrative assistants may find themselves managing complex calendars, orchestrating intricate travel plans, and spearheading crucial communication channels within the office.

They often act as the first point of contact for inquiries, exhibiting a blend of professionalism and interpersonal finesse. Embracing adaptability, they navigate the dynamic landscape of administrative responsibilities, from streamlining office processes to implementing innovative solutions for enhanced efficiency.


Roshmi Chaulagain

Academic Officer - Canada

Bhabana Pyakurel

Academic officer