Reaction Nepal is a government-registered interdisciplinary organization with its headquarters in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal. Since its establishment in 2005, it has mainly aimed at providing education services to all seeking their study and career prospects in and out of the country.
It was established by the noble efforts and endeavors of a group of dedicated and qualified professionals with diverse academic expertise in the fields of applied education, science, and technology, with the sole objective of providing the student community with the most appropriate training and educational opportunities aboard. REACTION Nepal, with its team of experienced professionals and academics, provides counseling services for those students who wish to pursue their further studies abroad in well-reputed colleges, institutions, and universities in different countries on all continents, such as Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe, and North America.

REACTION Nepal, with its professionalized service in the sector of international educational counseling, boasts of its reputation, acquired within a very short span of time. It is probably the best choice for promising students aspiring to achieve success in life. A considerable number of our students have already been attending some of the most well-reputed colleges and universities abroad in pursuit of shaping their futures and careers.


The establishment of Reaction Nepal dates back to 2002, with a small and cozy space of 600 sq. feet. With the passage of time, right after its inception, REACTION Nepal has broadened its services from language tutorial classes to study abroad counseling, standardized test preparation, and computer studies. Reaction Nepal, primarily in the setback of its early run, flinched with the swarming up of many such throat-cut competitors in the market. Business-with-patience Strategy led REACTION Nepal to become one of the top 10 educational consultancies in Nepal. Believing in big business and sharing and venturing with national and international business partners, Reaction Nepal has built an attitude of entrepreneurship. Hence, we are EDU-entrepreneurs!


Reaction Nepal, with the motto ‘Helping You Succeed', is always at client service. With this vision, we provide any aspirant individual with an appropriate solution to their education problem. Reaction Nepal entails its motto effectively, economically, and efficiently. The services are operated by different departments and cells. The help desk at REACTION Nepal always welcomes individuals seeking prompt and reliable services. The pre-counseling cell always updates information from different universities and colleges around the globe.

Reaction Nepal, always with a win-you-with-service motto, has achieved a significant amount of success in all of the services it has provided.


REACTION Nepal upgraded services by providing aspirant clienteles with standardized test preparation, TOEFL, and IELTS. The same year, REACTION Nepal installed exclusive library facilities with a variety of books.


In this year, REACTION Nepal expanded its head office space from 600 sq. ft to 3600 sq. ft. Additionally, the organization started audio/visual facilities with the idea of computer adaptive teaching and learning. The same year, it became crucial to start up study abroad counseling. REACTION Nepal couldn’t stop expanding other more facilities; Computer lab was a value added facility to the students for computer studies and test preparation.


REACTION Nepal made this year a Business Venture Year with other Business partners internationally. With the expansion in study abroad counseling services in USA, UK, Australia, and Singapore studies founding the motto “REACTION Nepal--always together”. It was the year a number of universities and colleges from different parts of the globe started partnering with us.


The year 2006 became Standardized Test focused year. In this year, REACTION Nepal systemized teaching learning pattern of the entire Standardized tests TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and SAT. REACTION Nepal, this year customized learning materials, started self access practice unit under test preparation department. The year 2006 went in updating services providing system efficiently.


REACTION Nepal expanded one more outlet in the Kathmandu vicinity, offering counseling exclusively in the name of the Europe Counseling division directly under the aegis of REACTION Nepal. 
REACTION Nepal has established a training center for new instructors. As a result, the newly launched TOEFL iBT test in Nepal became more popular under the direct supervision of Mr. Krishna P. Niraula. Mr. Niraula was probably the first person to join the PropellTM Workshop for TOEFL® iBT, run by ETS.
This year, Reaction Nepal was very successful in test preparation and counseling services. Reaction Nepal produced 860 students in standardized tests, language study, and computer study.


This year was significant for REACTION Nepal in providing counselling service to a good number of eligible candidates for their desired destinations, especially to Australia and still the number was high for USA, UK and other European destinations. IELTS test preparation classes were more preferrable to the candidates than TOEFL, as per the requirement of college programs and visa procedures this year. With addition of latest books and audio materials, REACTION Nepal introduced itself very successfully in the market as an IELTS Study Center. Similarly, with the introduction of new pedagogic syllabus intensifying more on vocab-building skills, we ran a good number of students for GRE, SAT and GMAT.


With introduction of TIER-4 pointbased system by UKBA, this year was significant for REACTION Nepal to make successful placement to over a dozen UK institutions, including private and government colleges and universities. As a result of properly- selected courses in accordance with the students' respective desires into right colleges, as well as accurate visa applications, the success rate was incredible with the cent percent. Also, the number of test prep students, especially for IELTS at RN soared up this year, with average of 6 Band overal.

Relatively, the students were a bit less for other destinations like USA and Australia but consideraly a good number as usual. This number included serious, academically-intact and financially abled candidates for whom the good institutions mattered, not the contries. So, basically the visa was not a bar as they deserved it for their further studies. We have been happy to be in their service.


This year begins with the front desk office refurnished and revisited, having seperate stations for counselling partitioned with alumunium, glass and board blocked. The reception has been made cosy and well-furnished with ample space for walking round, keeping the convenience of our visitors. The walls, floor and ceiling have been brightlly decorated and lighted for the openness to all.

This year, Mr. Raju Prasad Khanal, Founder of REACTION Nepal will take a complete lead of test preparation and language department, emparting his extertise knowledge of English Linguistics and several years' of instruction in the field. Similarly, the company has been working to go for broader destinations for overseas study and immigration services.

2010 - 2013

These consecutive years, we constantly focused on the quality-delivery on the performance based teaching and result- based test preparation on various tests such as IELTS, TOEFL & SAT and abroad study especially, Japan. We enjoyed tremendous results in the test preparation sessions and Japan's procurement during our annual efforts.


This year saw Reaction Nepal, leading forward with the launching of new test- preparation program for additional, reputed tests such as Pearson's Test of English(PTE) & Cambridge  English –Advanced(CAE). More importantly, we have also started the  logistics ,documentation, counseling and processing support for migration services to Canada, exploiting the Express Entry Visa Program, launched by Canada for the fulfillment of their demand for skilled and semi-skilled workforce from various countries around the world.

2015 - 2016

These consecutive years, we constantly focused on the study abroad program on specially  Australia, JAPAN and USA. Weachieved  goodresults on this project and we were able to make more than 100 students placements successfully during this period. 

Moreover, we were successful in creating new businesses, establishing business relationships with more than 20 leading colleges and universities around AUSTRALIA, the United States and Japan.